Route 5 bridge heading into Guilford, VT

About the Bridge



MONTPELIER, June 18, 2018
Next week contractor JA McDonald will finish constructing the MSE retaining walls on both the west (Middlesex) and east (Montpelier) sides of the bridge.
On Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting, the contractor will pave the new bridge deck and the US 2 westbound approaches to the bridge. Mid-week, the contractor expects to open the new bridge to traffic.


The Vermont Agency of Transportation will replace the Middlesex US 2 (Bridge 55) over I-89 and the New England Central Railroad. Located about two miles east of the intersection of US 2 and VT 100B, the 660-foot, 35-foot wide, nine-span bridge is in poor condition. It will be replaced by a wider (40 feet) but shorter (512 feet) three-span bridge, east of the existing bridge.

Construction of the new bridge is complex as it spans both an interstate highway and an active railroad. Building on a new location adjacent to the existing bridge allowed vehicular traffic to be maintained on Route 2 throughout two years of construction in 2016 and 2017.

The new US 2 bridge structural steel now spans I-89. New bridge construction as well as the removal 1960-era bridge and site restoration will be completed in 2018.