Route 5 bridge heading into Guilford, VT

About the Bridge



The project is COMPLETED.

VTrans thanks the traveling public for patience and cooperation during this 3-year project. .


The Vermont Agency of Transportation will replace the Middlesex US 2 (Bridge 55) over I-89 and the New England Central Railroad. Located about two miles east of the intersection of US 2 and VT 100B, the 660-foot, 35-foot wide, nine-span bridge is in poor condition. It will be replaced by a wider (40 feet) but shorter (512 feet) three-span bridge, east of the existing bridge.

Construction of the new bridge is complex as it spans both an interstate highway and an active railroad. Building on a new location adjacent to the existing bridge allowed vehicular traffic to be maintained on Route 2 throughout two years of construction in 2016 and 2017.

The new US 2 bridge structural steel now spans I-89. New bridge construction as well as the removal 1960-era bridge and site restoration will be completed in 2018.